5 Steps for Measuring Your Website ROI

By May 27, 2019 July 22nd, 2019 Website ROI, Website Update
5 steps to measure website roi

Your company website is the first impression of your business. Hiring a professional to develop and design your website can be a costly investment, but one that should pay your company back with added visibility in your market leading to new customers. Use the 5 steps below for measuring your website ROI.

Calculate the Costs of Your Website

Calculate the cost of your website from start to finish. Also include the cost of maintaining your website, which can include domain registration, hosting and monthly maintenance.

Track Your Website Activity

Always set your website up on Google Analytics. This is a free tool from Google, (yes FREE!) that makes it easy to track website traffic, conversion rates, bounce rates and more. This tool helps you to understand the customer experience on your website and determine if the customer is following the site as you planned.

Explore Your Goals

Why did you create your website? What do you want your first impression to look like to a potential customer? Some things you may want to consider as goals are: increasing brand awareness, increase in leads to your business, grow sales, increase sign-ups. Be sure your website matches your goals.

Track Your Leads

Create a call to action on every single page of your website. Label each form in the back end of your website to find out which page is generating the most leads for your website. Create a monetary value for each lead based on the page that they filled out your form. Use this method to place a value on each lead generated.

Calculate Your Referral Traffic & Return Visitors

Where are your customers coming from before they visit your website? Monitor the referral or inbound links in Google Analytics. Spend money and time on building links to your website through a search engine optimization(SEO) partner. Likewise, you also need to check your overall traffic on a monthly basis. New visitors are great, but you also want to see 15-20% return visitors each month. It costs less to retain a customer than to bring in a new one.

Hiring a professional to design and develop your company website can be a costly project. But, it is worth it if done right as it can lead to more qualified leads and sales to your business. Let Woland Web help you make your website ROI be worth it.

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