Wondering if it is Time to Rebrand? 5 Red Flags to Look For

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As a business owner, do you know when it is potentially time to consider a rebrand? And how do you know if your brand strategy needs a facelift or a whole new face? Ultimately, it is imperative that business leaders keep a finger constantly on their brand’s pulse—especially considering how tumultuous recent times have been and how the market and people have had to evolve and adapt.

In this blog post, the team at Woland Web will examine how to determine if it could be time for your business to tackle a rebranding project, while also ensuring consistency in communicating your messaging, mission, and value proposition.

Signs You Need a Rebrand

  • Your branding no longer catches your audience’s attention. If you have felt as if your competitors have surpassed you and your original branding no longer gets the job done with your customers or prospects, then a rebranding could be in order. It is necessary to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your brand and how it aligns or is deficient with how competitors are presenting themselves and winning customers. Conduct a brand audit to assess how to bring your branding up-to-date and how your company needs to reinvent itself to stay relevant in the marketplace.
  • You want to attract new customers to your business. Seeking to expand your brand’s reach is a great goal to have, but in order to do this, you may have to evaluate how your current branding serves this group of consumers. Does your written and visual branding appeal to their needs, interests, and desires? Analyze what is important to the prospective customer group in question, assess buyer personas, and research what your target wants out of a product or service. Then, ensure your branding delivers.
  • You realize that your branding has lost its focus. If you have been in business for a decade or two then the branding you initially created when you launched your company likely looks dated. Even the best and most recognizable brands deal with this! For instance, just look at how the Coca-Cola brand has morphed over the years! Therefore, consider how your company has evolved. Have you added products and services? Do you have the ability to service different clients today as opposed to yesteryear? Confirm your colors, messaging, logo, and other strategic brand assets reflect who you are today.
  • Your company’s vision has evolved. This is a big one. If your company has changed its direction, focus, or business model, your branding should also follow suit. Evaluate and assess your new purpose or mission. Understand your values and know why you do what you do. And then, create a brand mission that speaks to these components, conveys your purpose as a company, and aligns with your targeted customers’ needs.
  • Your brand name doesn’t resonate with consumers. When you first started your company, it is likely that you spent a lot of brain power on what to call it—and it’s likely that there is an emotional connection there as well. However, if time has passed and your brand name is no longer creating a connection with your customers, seems behind in the times, or if you are entirely forgettable, then it is time for a name change. Of course, when it comes to this type of rebranding, it is very necessary to think about how your current customers will be impacted and how your existing revenue efforts could be affected as the market gets used to the “new you.” However, while this might seem scary, it doesn’t have to be—if Nintendo, IBM, and KFC can do it…so can you.

Rebrand with Woland Web

If some or all of these points resonate with you and ring off warning bells in your brain, then it is time to do something about it. The team at Woland Web would love to consult with you on a rebranding strategy. We can reinvigorate and reenergize how your business presents itself to the world and can offer a strategic approach to rebranding your website, marketing collateral, logo, messaging, and more. We have full agency capabilities and are passionate about ensuring the clients who put their trust in us end up with remarkable results. We invite you to reach out and contact us today.