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“After two less-than-successful attempts to re-develop our website over the course of a year, we had the very good fortune of working with Lena and her team at Woland Web. Rather than just blindly quoting on the project, she took the time to audit our current website, understand our needs and provide us with options. It goes without saying that she quickly gained our confidence, especially after such a disappointing start.

Lena takes the time to learn about your business, its target market and what you are trying to accomplish. Then, using this information as the framework, her team puts together a few rough mock-ups for you to review. What I didn’t know at the time is how these initial concepts are used to garner additional insight into the style and design of the website you are looking to create. The exchange of feedback and ideas is ongoing through the course of the project as you work as a team to buildout each page. We found the process manageable, incredibly efficient and downright fun!

In addition, Lena and her team do a great job at maintaining creative balance and they will keep you from “jumping the shark.” At one point, I sketched out my thoughts for a title bar on paper and they took my idea and made it come to life. On another page, I sketched out an idea that was not so good and they presented better alternatives. The Woland Web team’s responsiveness to feedback is exceptional!

There are so many people promoting web design in the marketplace, but few possess the professionalism, business acumen, problem solving skills and creativity to build a custom website in just ten weeks.

Please don’t hesitate to consider Woland Web!”

Rob Snowden, Southpark Advisors

South Park Advisors is an independent, unbiased third party who sits on the same side of the table as our clients and never receive a contingency fee. South Park Advisors approaches each business scenario with passion, critical thinking, and dedication that is always in our client’s best interest.

Services provided by Woland Web: Responsive Website Design and Development.

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