Client Spotlight: South Park Advisors

By December 22, 2020 Client Spotlight

The team at Woland Web are big believers in getting the job done right the first time. Therefore, when we were first approached by South Park Advisors, it was key to understand what their business’s website needs were—and to provide them with plenty of options and ideas to work with.

Ultimately, South Park Advisors had been through a rough time of it—experiencing two less-than-successful website redevelopment attempts spanning the course of a year.  Of course, their frustration was evident, and we wanted to ensure that the roadblocks and challenges they had faced thus far ended through their partnership with our team.

Here is a glimpse at the website South Park Advisors wanted to update and streamline:

South Park Advisors – Business Valuation Specialists (

Admittedly, there are some bulky and dated concepts on the site, so we sat down with Rob Snowden, one of the firm’s Managing Directors to learn about what their objectives and goals were.  When designing a new website, it is important to identify who the client’s target market is, what they want to accomplish through a redesign, and pick their brain to assess what they like and what they don’t.

With Rob, we engaged in considerable ideation and even welcomed him to sketch out his thoughts regarding a title bar for the site. Then, we took all of our brainstorming and began to make those creative, free association sessions into a reality, presenting Rob and his team with several mockups. The next step involved us further honing the style and design based upon what they liked about the mockups, and what they might have liked to see less of. In turn, this exchange of feedback and ideas assisted as we built out each individual page and achieved their vision.

“We found the process manageable, incredibly efficient, and downright fun!” Rob commented as the project came to completion.  And truly, we couldn’t agree more.

We invite you to check out the result of our work—South Park Advisors now has a website that is responsive, easy to navigate, and truly reflective of the professional services they offer:

South Park Advisors – Business Valuation Specialists (

Our team deeply appreciated being brought in to help South Park Advisors on this important project. We were pleased to earn their trust and move them past their early challenges with other vendors and complete their custom website redesign in just ten weeks.

Of course, we welcome the opportunity to consult with you and your organization on your needs as well. For more information about our process, capability, and support, reach out to Woland Web today.