Does Your Brand Have An Identity?

By August 5, 2019 September 20th, 2019 Brand Identity
brand identity

What is the difference between brand guidelines and brand identity?

Every business no matter how big or small should know how to define their brand identity. The brand identity should follow your brand guidelines which define how your logo should be used, fonts to use, colors, and general messaging. Think of brand guidelines as to how your company is branded. The brand identity is your company’s personality.

How do you define your brand’s identity?

What type of business are you? A legal or financial professional would have a different brand identity than a children’s party business. Make your brand stand out by identifying what your ideal client is looking for in your type of business. Do you have a home service business? Showcase your best projects with beautiful images and use customer testimonials on your home page. Brand identity should not change from your website to your social media platforms to your newsletters.

How do you create your brand identity?

Ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Who is your ideal client?
  2. What is your target market demographics?
  3. How does your company solve the problems of your ideal client?
  4. What are the differentiators that put you above your competition?
  5. Have you chosen colors to attract your ideal client? {see color wheel below from Creative Boom}
  6. Have you designed a logo that clearly represents what your company is about and looks professional?
  7. Have you chosen fonts that complement each other and are used consistently in all marketing materials?
    color wheel brand identity

    Creative Boom

In conclusion, once you have answered all these questions and gathered your materials, you are ready to put together your brand guidelines. We also recommend gathering a neutral audience to see what you have put together to make sure an outsider understands what your business is about by looking at your guidelines.

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