Three Audiences That Are Judging You On Your Website (Beyond Your Customers)

By February 14, 2020 February 21st, 2020 Content Marketing

There are many good reasons to keep your company’s website updated beyond presenting a professional image to your current and prospective customers. This article will examine THREE AUDIENCES who are judging you on your website that you might not have thought about before: bankers (specifically loan officers), insurance underwriters, and future employees.


When you apply for a loan at a bank the loan officer is responsible for making a judgement call about the strength of your company and your ability to pay it back. Having an outdated website that is a potential turn-off to future customers also reflects poorly on your credit worthiness. This can cost you in higher interest rates or possibly even being denied the ability to borrow money at all.

Insurance Underwriters

The second group of professionals that will be checking out your digital reputation by visiting your website are the underwriters of your insurance company. If your website doesn’t showcase your interest in “staying fresh and current” on digital trends – they may wonder if you’re also willing to be outdated in your business practices. They may assume that you just don’t care much about the “small details” of running a company and therefore won’t be super concerned about safety practices, equipment maintenance and keeping detailed business records.

Future Employees

Finally, your future employees will be checking out your website to see if you’ll be a trustworthy and reliable employer. Talented candidates will be turned off if your website is outdated and amateurish as they know that their friends and family will question their judgement in going to work for such an unprofessional organization. Losing out on amazing applicants won’t just hurt your business today – but for years to come as the people you hire are the backbone of your future success.