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By April 29, 2019 September 20th, 2019 Search Engine Optimization
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As we all know, Google is always evolving. Just last week they had another algorithm update! We were lucky enough to listen to a presentation directly from Google last month where we received first hand knowledge of reaching customers online with Google. Read on as we share the top 3 google tips we learned with you today.

What is the best way for my business to be found on Google?

Every business should start with a Google Business profile. This free {yes, FREE} tool is the key to being found in local search results. Set up your profile, fill out every single section completely and verify it. Once your business is verified, create a post with a special or other information about your business. These posts expire every 2 weeks, so don’t forget to update.

Pro tip: Create a Bing Places listing at the same time. Use your Google business profile to log-in to Bing and your information will auto-populate. Don’t forget to verify this profile as well. 

Should I have videos on my website?

YES! According to Google, by 2023, 80% of all web traffic will be video. YES – 80%. We have been hearing this at conferences over the last year and now it is verified by Google. Start adding 30 second – 1 minute videos to your site now so you will be ahead once video results start showing up first.

Pro tip: Make your videos searchable by adding relevant keywords in the description along with subtitles.

Does it help to have a blog on my website?

Yes, Yes, Yes! Updating your website often helps with google search. Google is looking for blog titles that answer customer problems. Titles with “How To”, “Top 10”, “Latest research” and educational material will be sorted to the top of search. See examples below.

Pro tip: Come up with a list of frequently asked questions and answers from your clients. Add an “FAQ” page to your website and this will help your website rank higher.

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We are happy to share these top 3 tips we heard from Google with you. Let us look over your website and give you an evaluation. We can add pages to your existing site or do a complete overhaul.

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