Why Is A Website Important For A Legal Business?

legal business website

Family law, estate planning attorneys, trial lawyers, tax law, and the list could go on for different types of legal business services available. Does your legal business have a website that features your law specialty? It is so important to have a website that gives a great first impression of your business.

Responsive Website

Have you taken a look at your website from a mobile device or an iPad lately? Be sure your website is responsive, which means that it adjusts properly to the different screen sizes a user may be using. In 2018, over 52% of internet searches happened on a mobile device. Be sure your clients have a good experience on your website no matter what type of screen they are using.

Landing Pages

Creative landing pages for your services are a great way to gain more leads to your legal business. If you have recently updated your website but aren’t noticing traffic increase, try adding a few different landing pages. Landing pages with a specific message are also great to use in paid advertising. Our creative team at Woland Web can help design and implement landing pages to help convert leads into customers.

With over 13+ years in the website business, we have seen our fair share of legal websites. Fill out the free website audit form here and we will be happy to conduct an audit for your legal business. After we complete the analysis, one of our staff will be in touch.